The content on your WordPress website is just as important as the design layout if your goal is to improve your search rankings and turn visitors into actual customers. When you employ these four writing tips, your content will be as dynamic as your website design.

Craft a Compelling About Us Page

A strong About Us page is essential for small businesses. This is where you differentiate yourself from the competition and how you make a personal connection with potential clients. Visitors are not interested in knowing how you spend your free time unless it directly relates to your business. Instead, your copy should focus on why you decided to start this business, the journey you have traveled to this point and what you strive to deliver to your customers. The purpose is to tell your unique story in a conversational yet professional way.

Create a Consistent, Frequent Blog Filled with Useful Content

Posting fresh content on a frequent, consistent basis is critical if you want to attract the attention of search engines and sustain the interest of readers. Of course, you must have something relevant and useful to write about, and your copy must be well-written, but quantity is also important. Aim to publish something new twice each week, whether it is a product review, an observation about your industry or a helpful problem-solving tip.

Find the Right Balance of Keywords

Whether you are writing a services page or a blog post, you need to include appropriate keywords that help search engines and visitors find your content. However, purposefully overusing specific words and phrases backfires. Keyword stuffing is a turn-off to readers, and it is considered a spam technique by search engine indexing systems. Utilize the Google Keyword Planner tool to identify alternative terms that are commonly used to find information on a topic. These suggestions can also become fantastic fodder for future blog posts.

Feature Your Products or Services

Trustworthy product reviews are highly desired yet difficult to find. Although consumers tend to believe the opinions of other customers based on their experiences, professional reviews also carry considerable clout when they are in-depth, well-researched and objective. You can craft detailed posts on how your product works, publish case studies that demonstrate how your product solved a real-life problem or publish honest articles about how your product stacks up against competitors.