web design toolbox

Google Analytics

This state-of-the-art system can help a web designer to determine the amount of traffic that a site receives every day, internal links that users commonly click and sources that are providing traffic. An advertiser may also evaluate the duration of each user’s visit, and a web designer can analyze a guest’s operating system. If a visitor is utilizing a smartphone, a marketer can sometimes determine the brand of the user’s mobile device.

When an individual utilizes a search engine to reach a site, the software can list keywords that the visitor typed into the search box. Moreover, the program is able to evaluate the geographical location of each user.

Majestic SEO

By using Majestic SEO’s cutting-edge software, a web designer can calculate the number of backlinks that are associated with a site, the website’s PageRank, the anchor text of each link and the amount of new backlinks that the site receives every day. Majestic SEO also provides a large number of step-by-step tutorials and manages forums that have more than 8,000 active users. Unlike most similar tools, the software also allows developers to view reports that evaluate a competing website’s backlinks and positions in the search engines.


This software program provides approximately 800 elements, and users can find ideal shapes by typing particular keywords into the site’s search box. Subsequently, web designers may easily drag each element onto a webpage or the user interface.

A developer can allow multiple members to log into a single account. The designer may easily add detailed notes to prototypes, send files to other users, combine virtual models of webpages and import numerous types of files. Furthermore, designers are able to integrate PowerMockup’s software with Microsoft Office.


When utilizing this platform, developers may choose among more than 65 themes, customize a site’s layout and create detailed contact forms. A user also has the ability to design interactive menus and comprehensive surveys. Additionally, the software provides 20 built-in elements and offers approximately 1,200 images.

As soon as a user modifies a webpage’s source code, the designer may view a real-time preview of the page. Moreover, the software has a module that can get rid of unnecessary tags or errors on a website.


Unveiled in 2006, this software program has been downloaded by more than 3.1 million individuals. The system lets developers create keyboard shortcuts, design movable toolbars, drag virtual objects from most browsers and easily format codes.

The company that developed FirstPage has created numerous other tools that can determine the amount of traffic that a website receives, examine a site’s positions in search results, encrypt various types of webpages and analyze a site’s bandwidth. Users can also submit a URL to more than 100 search engines for free and may view a list of keywords that can provide traffic for the website.

Disavowing Certain Backlinks

Many analyses have indicated that low-quality backlinks can notably reduce a website’s PageRank, and a site that has hundreds of subpar links may receive a penalty from Google. The search engine provides a tool that allows web designers to disavow particular links. Once a marketer has submitted a backlink, the search engine will typically eliminate the link’s impact within 72 hours.


This cutting-edge program lets designers create webpages that feature CSS, and Stylizer’s software can instantaneously provide previews of pages and automate repetitive actions. If a web designer makes an error, the platform will rapidly notify the developer. Moreover, Stylizer allows designers to combine various files and easily create custom images.

Hopefully one or more of these tools will help make your life as a web developer a little easier. If you are serious about upping your game as a developer there are all manner of continuing education programs for web design and development. There are many many online courses on Lynda.com covering every imaginable subject related to design and development. These are a great option if you want to dive into specific subjects. If you are a self taught developer you might consider formalizing your qualifications with a Bachelor degree in Interactive Design or one of the related creative technologies like game and app design and development. Schools like Media Design School offer a range of programs including Bachelor and Masters in a variety of creative technologies. Definitely worth checking out.